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Cotton Twill


Content: 100% Cotton

Where it's made: Our cotton twill is sourced from India from a factory that uses OEKO-TEX certified eco friendly and sustainable practices, and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Weave: Twill

Properties: Everyone knows how durable cotton is and how easy it is to wear. Cotton twill is the quintessential workwear fabric. It's soft, absorbent, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. It resists static cling and drapes well, and is an incredibly versatile fibre that can be woven into many fabrics, from sheer, light voile to heavy cotton twill. Cotton biodegrades quickly and easily, in about 5-6 months.

How it's made: It is made from a short stable fibre that grows in pods on the cotton plant. It is harvested by machine and stored in large rectangular blocks. It is then transported to cotton gins, where it is cleaned, de-seeded and blended by machine. The raw, cleaned cotton is combed into rows of fibre, and formed into yarn in three stages, until it reached the desired diameter. Cotton has a short staple fibre, with each fibre being only a couple of inches long, so it relies on stretching and blending multiple strands together to achieve strength. The finished yarn is dyed and woven into fabric by machine, into the diagonal twill pattern, which is stronger and heavier than plain weave broadcloth.

The Fabric: A soft and durable midweight cotton twill with a sturdy drape and body. It will only soften and improve with age and wear. An excellent year-round basic that can be worn rumpled or pressed to a neat finish. There is something nostalgic about the simplicity of cotton. It wears well, holds its colour and is easy to care for.

How to Wear: This twill can be worn in all seasons - it is heavy enough for winter in most climates, but cool enough for summer as it is naturally breathable. Pair with durable linen tees in the warmer months, or layer up with a grey cabled sweater and a peacoat in winter.

Care Instructions: Cold, gentle machine wash. Line dry in shade or tumble dry warm. Hot steam iron. This is a natural fibre, so it will fade and soften over time, but this only adds to its beauty.